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Only 50% of all software developments in Germany are completed successfully

For many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the development of highly innovative software is an integral part of their competitiveness. In order to generate the optimum success of one’s own products, recognized experts are required to develop the software for the respective product domain. Many of these services can only be performed by independent software companies.

Software development by means of recognized, external experts can only be successful if the underlying development and project contracts fully meet the technical and legal standards. That includes the declaration of all necessary features and functions of the software to be developed (so-called specification) as well as its embedding into legally effectual and coordinated development contracts. Without a precise specification and its assured review, software development contracts are accompanied by severe legal uncertainties with respect to the form of contract and with regard to the processing of the order.

Until today these problems are the main reasons for the failure or the defects of software development projects. According to a survey of the University of Oldenburg of 2008 only about 50.7% of all software development projects in process could be completed successfully, worldwide the figure is even as low as 29%. The involved litigations and legal uncertainties are increasingly complicating the successful cooperation of highly innovative companies.