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Without Salomo

Company A requires a certain software component for its products and approaches company B for a solution. A and B agree on the development of the software component, but to reduce costs they go without corresponding legal advice. They only negotiate singular properties that the software is supposed to satisfy.

After completion of the software it turns out that the agreed upon requirements were insufficient or are not fully satisfied. In lack of a legally clear software development contract, legal proceedings are instituted which finally lead to a failure of the project.

Advantages of Salomo

Salomo enables A and B to achieve a simple and cost-efficient stipulation of a legally effectual software development contract by providing specific model contracts and individual contractual modules.

At the same time the technical tools developed within Salomo do not only permit a sufficiently precise specification of the requirements concerning the software to be developed but also its impartial and automated testing: Using the machine-readable specification, Salomo tools can review whether the requirements are satisfied.

Results of this review can be used for the further development of the software and in order to efficiently deal with necessary modifications. The parties are able to modify the contract by means of appropriate clause modules. Litigations are reduced to a minimum by the use of this professional and cost-efficient form of contract and at the same time the prospects of the development processes are increased many times over.